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I am a British Rider, Writer and Marketeer. As an endurance cyclist and competitor for over a decade I have taken part in and challenged myself to a multitude of events around the globe. I am lucky enough to have a professional life that incorporates what I love. I am currently a brand ambassador for the French based company Mavic and the American firm Cannondale. I am also owner/director of my media consultancy, Media-24. Moving forward I want to establish myself as the top cycling educator and evangelist, establishing a whole new and exciting sector of the bicycle industry.

A Season of Celebration

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the invitation. A day to celebrate the season’s success of ten of Mavic’s athletes at the company headquarters in Annecy. At first I thought “hey cool, I wonder who will be there? I’d love to see that” before I realised my name was on the list, nestled somewhere between Frederik […]
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L’Etape du Tour 2014 Reconnaissance

There’s nothing like a mere three hours sleep followed by a 6.30am flight (to a location you’re not quite sure if it’s where you’re supposed to be going) to kick the day off in the right, or is that wrong, way? October 23rd and despite hearing rumours that the 2014 L’Etape du Tour would start in Pau the sensible […]
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L’Etape du Tour 2014 Reconnaissance

It's that time of year again. Along with Cyclefilm we embark on another L'Etape du Tour reconnaissance project. This time we're heading to Hautacam...

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Les Alpes, a Perspective

Read my thoughts after my epic 667km ride through the beautiful French Alps. Find out which climb I found the hardest and how I mentally came through my personal challenge, Les Alps.

Photography by Loris von Siebenthal and Deborah Malin.

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Challenge Les Alpes, Tech & Support

Behind the scenes of my Les Alpes challenge.

Read about who's helping me and the equipment I'm going to use, the bike, groupset, wheels, nutrition, lights the lot with wonderful photography from Deborah Malin.

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Challenge Les Alpes

Read about my next epic challenge, Les Alpes a mammoth bike ride from Evian Les Bains to Nice through the French Alps.

666km and 17 mountain passes stand between me and achieving my personal goal.

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Long Daze and Summer Nights

A bicycle is more than a means of getting from A to B. It’s an expression of one’s self. A moment of freedom and a chance to explore” – Mike Cotty Starting in Herne Bay, Kent, and following a rather ambitious 300 mile route (with over 6,500m of climbing) crossing into Sussex, past Royal Tunbridge Wells, Eastbourne, Brighton, through the […]
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Raid Pyrenean

Non stop Coast to Coast
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Better than Guinness

Another deep breath and the Mediterranean finally comes in to view. Light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, or something like that. The roads are busy, a far cry from the serenity of the hours that have just passed. The aroma of sea salt drifts inland with increased potency, acting as a stimulant for both body and mind. […]
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24hrs of Adrenalin: The Race

July 26-27th: Question, what’s the best thing to get the adrenalin of an endurance racer going before a big event? Let’s make it easy with a multiple choice selection, fingers on the buzzers, is it… A) a potent mix of carbs and caffeine B) cranking the I-pod to max with your latest blend of take on the world tunes C) spotting fresh […]
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