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I am a British Rider, Writer and Marketeer. As an endurance cyclist and competitor for over a decade I have taken part in and challenged myself to a multitude of events around the globe. I am lucky enough to have a professional life that incorporates what I love. I am currently a brand ambassador for the French based company Mavic and the American firm Cannondale. I am also owner/director of my media consultancy, Media-24. Moving forward I want to establish myself as the top cycling educator and evangelist, establishing a whole new and exciting sector of the bicycle industry.

24hrs of Adrenalin: Showtime

July 25th: A beautiful day in Canmore with clear skies and summer temperatures were prefect for the final pit build up. The Monavie-Cannondale team rolled in to town with 2007 defending champ Tinker Juarez looking ready to rock the trails and the competition. The afternoon was spent in a rider briefing, to get everything in check, and fine tuning my […]
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24hrs of Adrenalin: The Sparrow has Landed

July 23rd: After a delayed flight, over 22 hours of travelling, and late arrival yesterday I was relieved when I’d finally got the bikes built and was ready to take a spin out to the Canmore Nordic Centre. I wasn’t expecting to be able to ride the course today, but it was nearly 100% marked so I made the most […]
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24hrs of Adrenalin: First Wild Animal Sighting

July 24th: After some heavy rain through the night, the skies this morning looked all the more favourable. I was especially keen to find out how the course had faired from the downpours so headed out early to make the most of the soft conditions which would always be knowledge to my advantage come rain on race day. Despite the […]
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Race Across The Alps – Cycling Weekly

It takes a certain type of rider, frequently described as a sick and twisted individual, to want to challenge themselves to 535km of the hardest roads in Europe. The equivalent of over three Tour de France mountain stages back to back. A race against the clock, the elements, but most importantly a race against their inner being . What […]
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Giro d’Ireland – Exploring the Emerald Isle

Will Ireland’s rugged landscape and unique charm be able to live up to the Giro d’Italia’s bold claim of being the most beautiful stage race in the world? There was only one way to find out. Now I’m going to throw it out there right from the start, and bet a handsome amount of gold coins in the process, that […]
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It Started with a Kiss

Ok, I’m going to come clean right now. It didn’t start with a kiss at all, but I needed an attention grabbing headline and figured we’re all suckers for a little romance in our own special way. And besides, who knows, maybe this will turn into a story of romance after all… So, the real beginning for me was back […]
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A Lifetime in One Day – What Mountain Bike

The pain and euphoria of solo racing laid bare at the 24 hours of Adrenalin World Championships. Read the full race report direct from the rider on one eventful day (and night) in Canmore, Canada.
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Countdown to Canmore

With just 10 days to go until the 24 Hours of Adrenalin World Solo Championships in Canmore, Canada, it’s not the time to start getting nervous (that’ll be the night before!) 200 solo riders and 1400 team athletes will be racing themselves into the ground on July 26-27th at the 10th anniversary of the event, and fittingly at the same […]
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Doing The Double

Running from Winchester to Eastbourne, the South Downs Way is exactly 100 miles in length and, coincidentally, has as many gates to open and close along the way. Without doubt it’s a very tough ride, with 11,000ft of climbing you’re faced with a mixture of fast fire roads, technical sections, farmland and “flint” (oh and that’s not to mention […]
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South Downs Double What MTB Article

Whatever way you digest the numbers, covering 212 miles with 21,935ft of climbing in over 22 hours is always going to hurt. Let’s break it down a bit more, that’s 18,043kcal with 181,642 heart beats. Check out the story behind “Doing the Double” from What Mountain Bike magazine.
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