With just 10 days to go until the 24 Hours of Adrenalin World Solo Championships in Canmore, Canada, it’s not the time to start getting nervous (that’ll be the night before!)

200 solo riders and 1400 team athletes will be racing themselves into the ground on July 26-27th at the 10th anniversary of the event, and fittingly at the same location where it all began back in ’99. On that occasion Rishi Grewal took top honours. This time it will be head to head against the best solo riders in the world with defending champion Tinker Juarez from Monavie-Cannondale looking to retain his jersey.

The course will feature a figure of eight layout allowing for spectators to cheer and pit crews to use the additional feed zone in support of their rider/team. With an estimated 700 meters of climbing over the 12.5 mile circuit, not to mention changeable weather conditions and temperatures, it’s going to be an incredibly hard day in the saddle.

In fact, let’s put it in perspective. A hard mountain stage of the Tour de France typically has around 4,500 meters of climbing. The legendary 200 mile route of the South Downs Way “Double” around 7,200 meters. So for the top boys who will be getting close to doing 20 laps (that’s about 240 miles) it’ll be 14,000 metres ascending! Think about it for a second…

What does that equate to in real money, apart from very sore legs? Roughly 3 mountain stages of the Tour back to back or twice the South Down Double!

Oh, and then there’s the bears to look out for….yes bears! Just keep pedaling and you’ll be fine they say (now there’s an incentive to keep moving if ever there was one!)

Stay tuned for updates from Canada, and importantly a little 24 hour race in the heart of Canmore.

For details of the event check out the official website here