craig_gordon Without doubt, a racer that undertakes the challenge of riding solo for 24 hours is part of a unique breed. Only few will ever understand the motivation to push body and mind beyond normal limitations. In 2006 Craig Gordon lined up at the 24 Hours of Adrenalin World Championships in Georgia, USA, as an unknown in the continent. All eyes were on six time champion Chris Eatough, expected to dominate as he’d done in the past. Gordo even admits he knew little of the competition, only seeing a picture of Eatough as he arrived in San Francisco airport after making his way to the newsstand to pick up a copy of the latest mountain bike mag. By the end of the trip there wouldn’t have been a racer (or perhaps doctor) out there that didn’t know ‘the Gordo story’. Hospitalised for three days with Rhabdomyolysis, the sheer level of grit and determination is like nothing you’re ever likely to witness again in this lifetime, and was the sole catalyst for my partaking in the ‘08 Adrenalin. 15:1 with Craig Gordon, time to find out what’s ‘in the dog’.
  1. You can ride with anyone from past or present, who would it be?

    “Chris Etheridge, rest in peace.”
  2. Obviously the best bike you’ve ever ridden is the one you’re on now, what’s the second best you’ve ridden?

    “Scott Addict.It flies like an eagle.”
  3. What’s the race you should have won, near misses or just dreaming?

    “The 2010 24 Hours of Adrenalin World Champs in Canberra, Australia. I broke my left shoulder in a crash a few weeks before which prevented me from starting.”
  4. What is the morale boosting item you hope to find in your mussette?

  5. Everyone likes going downhill fast, what’s your favourite descent?

    “In Aus, I do it all the time. It’s a 10km road descent off Maquarie pass.”
  6. You hit shuffle on your I-Pod, what’s the track you hope comes up top of the list?

    “Soundgarden to Wu-Tang.”
  7. What is your favourite après race beverage?

  8. If you weren’t a bike rider, what would you be?

    “A personal motivator.”
  9. What’s your favourite new bike product?

    “Shimano Di2.”
  10. Do you have a golden moment when riding/racing that you look back on with a smile?

    “There are so many great moments from races to training camps. When it all comes together it feels good.”
  11. And the worst moment?

    “Way too many to even put down. The sport hurts (a lot).”
  12. Where is your favourite place to ride?

    “Colorado, Mallorca”
  13. What or who is your biggest inspiration in life?

    “Being able to race & ride my bike. HARD!”
  14. What are the words / motto you live by?

    “Live by the sword, die by the sword.”
  15. If you could have one super power what would it be?

    “To be Unbreakable”
Just goes to show that you never want to pick a scrap with a shandy drinker! Looking forward to you smashing another Adrenalin sometime Gordo. Keep doing what you’re doing and thanks for the inspiration. Ride safe. Oh, and finally, if you haven’t seen 24 Solo then you need it in your life. Fact! Check out the latest from Gordo and the team throughout the season at Rockstar Racing.