Jens Voigt cut out

Jens Voigt winning the US Pro challengeWhen I grow up I want to be just like Jens.

The fact that I’m now 32 years old is not only a fine testament to the type of rider that Herr Voigt is, but also to his genuinely endearing character away from the bike, with a unique effervescent aura warming the hearts of millions the world over.

An audacious attacker, who appears to be fuelled by little more than two bidons filled jim-brim with a passion for life, there may be riders out there with a richer palmarès but when the dust settles and the podium shoes are kicked to the back of the garage for another day there’s one thing that will always remain Who you are inside. And for that, Jens will always be a champion!

Warning, answers must be read with an Anglo-East German ascent.

  1. You can ride with anyone from past or present, who would it be?

    “Sean Kelly.”
  2. What was your first race and where did you finish?

    “County Championships Uphill Time Trial. I won! (It was like a 1.5km hill…..ha, ha!).”
  3. Which race do you/did you always dream of winning?

    “Pro-Tour race in Hamburg.”
  4. What is the morale boosting item you hope to find in your mussette?

    “The sometimes surprise ‘Mars’ bar.”
  5. Everyone likes going downhill fast, what’s your favourite descent?

    “None, I hate them all!.”
  6. You hit shuffle on your I-Pod, what’s the track you hope comes up top of the list?

    “At the moment Metallica or some late Johnny Cash.”
  7. What is your favourite après race beverage?

    “Fanta, right after the stage or any sugared sports drink.”
  8. If you weren’t a bike rider, what would you be?

    “A film maker of animal documentaries.”
  9. What’s your favourite new bike product?

    “Guess I look at all bike stuff as working tools – not too much passion for that.”
  10. Do you have a golden moment when riding/racing that you look back on with a smile?

    “How I won Paris-Bourges in 2003. (Relive the glory Jens, courtesy of Daily Peloton ;-).”
  11. And the worst moment?

    “Every race my team or I did lose.”
  12. Where is your favourite place to ride?

    “In small circles around a coffee shop…..ha, ha! No, serious I have been in a few amazing places like Australia, USA and South Africa. Impossible to pick one!”
  13. What or who is your biggest inspiration in life?

    “Stories which are bigger than life. Stories of overcoming obstacles with passion.”
  14. If you could only use one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

  15. If you could have one super power what would it be?

    “To fly!”

I stand corrected. Jens obviously has one bidon filled with passion, the other clearly contains a dizzying supply of coffee. Great combo! Thanks for taking five to answer these Q’s, I’m sure the experience ranks pretty close to Paris-Bourges :-)

Wishing you a safe and successful year ahead. Peace to one and all.

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Photo used above by Oran Kelly (Ire) from the 2013 USA Pro Cycling Challenge and Radioshack.