oss-interviewIf life was all about rock ‘n’ roll then one thing’s for sure, Daniel Oss would undoubtedly be stood centre stage feeding off of the crowds electrifying energy, chewing it up and spitting it right back at them in a perpetually fuelled frenzy of hard hitting drums and guitar. Fortunately for us the Trento man’s true music of life comes from his bike racing. Roaring up the final 500m of the race, shoulder to shoulder with the fastest sprinters in the world, to the applause and adulation of the roadside masses. Fresh out of his second Tour de France, at just 24 years of age, I managed to slow young Mr Oss down for just enough time to find out what makes Liquigas-Cannondale’s super-talented sprint sensation tick (the metronomic beat of ‘Hells Bells’ at a guess)….

  1. You can ride with anyone from past or present, who would it be?

    “From the past I would say Francesco Moser and from the present Paolo Bettini.”
  2. What was your first race and where did you finish?

    “My first race was when I was 7 years old…….and I won :-)”
  3. Which race do you/did you always dream of winning?

    “Milano-San Remo, Ronde van Vlaanderen, Paris-Roubaix, Olympics, World Champs. I’ve always been taught to aim high ;-)”
  4. Everyone likes going downhill fast, what’s your favourite descent?

    “The descents appear easy but sometimes they are harder than the climbs, however, I like the descents in Milano-San Remo..”
  5. You hit shuffle on your I-Pod, what’s the track you hope comes up top of the list?

    “Something from AC/DC or Nirvana. If I’m in a chill mood something easy like Johnny Cash or Chuck Berry.”
  6. What is your favourite après race beverage?

    “Water with raspberry or Coke.”
  7. If you weren’t a bike rider, what would you be?

    “A rock star travelling the world playing drums. Or, as you always need something to fall back on, an interior designer.”
  8. What’s your favourite new bike product?

    “The lightness of my SuperSix EVO. The ride is stunning.”
  9. Do you have a golden moment when riding/racing that you look back on with a smile?

    “When I win or help my teammates to win, the feeling is the same.”
  10. And the worst moment?

    “When there is wind it always ends in a big mess. Screams, falls, riders and bikes everywhere. It’s not a good time.”
  11. Where is your favourite place to ride?

    “I love the warm weather. Summer in Italy is good, as is South Africa and the Canary Islands.”
  12. What is the inspiration behind your tattoos?

    “I’ve always liked tattoos and I was fortunate enough to meet an artist that could interpret my ideas. My dragons are a symbol of strength and determination. The desire to succeed.”
  13. If you could only use one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

  14. If you could have one super power what would it be?

    “I wish I could fly!”
Just as I suspected, rock ‘n’ roll to the bone. Especially loving that favourite new product answer of yours amico mio! And in a flash of fast legs and a bitter sweet symphony of singing tyres on tarmac, the Wizard of Oss (hmm, reckon the Cannondale marketing monkeys should get onto that nickname) was gone, green and white out of sight and back in black. Grazie mille, buona fortuna e ROCK ON! Visit Daniel’s official website   Photo used above by Deborah Malin and Cannondale