Tick-tock-tick-tock. January 25th seemed like it would never arrive when you originally muttered to yourself in a darkened room, fan whirling head on in an attempt to catch every last drop of sweat before it hits the ground, “The Tour of Sufferlandria, phhh…..I’ll eat that for breakfast and some.
“The Tour of Sufferlandria, phhh…..I’ll eat that for breakfast and some. You just watch me punks!”!
However as the nights pass and the red hot molten spews once more, turning the minions that were too slow to escape into stone, you may be forgiven for feeling a little angsty now that you’re nearly face-to-face with your maker. Or maybe you’re simply staring into your bathroom mirror wondering what the hell you’re about to take on and, even more importantly, how in this world you’re actually going to survive? ISLAGIATT. While it may seem counter intuitive at those times when your whole body is reeling in lactic and you’re just a breath away from throwing in the towel, it’s at this very moment that you need to try and relax, to take control of your thoughts once again, a collective re-group of your system so to speak and to remind yourself loud and clear “if I’m going to reign I must embrace the pain”. The key is to understand your potential, focusing all of your attention on reaching it without crossing the line so early that you’re faced with what can only be described by the technical term known in the suffer-trade “certain death”.
“if I’m going to reign I must embrace the pain”.
mike-cotty-sweating What happens if you start tasting blood earlier than you’d hoped? There’s no shame in sitting in for a moment to regain your composure on a long climb or interval, in fact take a look back at the wheel-suckers that are chewin’ their stems just trying to keep pace with you. They’re all at it – survival tactics masked by a contorted face, it’s part of the game! Don’t be caught out by this, dragging everyone else around only to have them push past you at the summit. Gauge your effort everyday to get the most from each stage. We’ve all had the feeling, rolling out of bed and practically falling down the stairs with fatigue as self-doubt starts to creep in. Naturally in a stage race you may find that you have your own share of ups and downs. What’s important is to understand that you’re not alone. If you’re feeling like a shredded chamois then there is EVERY chance that the whole of Sufferlandria is in internal combustion and that you have the spark to make everyone burn even more. Remember that time you were out on a group ride poker-facing your mates while you thought you were on a “bad one” only to start turning the screw the moment someone drops off the back. Come on, don’t deny it, you know what I’m talking about! Suddenly you’re back on it and getting stronger with every pedal stroke. Well, Sufferlandria is the same thing. Join the ToS Facebook social every day and you’ll soon realise you’re not alone. The reality of life is that we all have limits, but the beauty is that with commitment, dedication and courage each of us can ring out every last bit of potential from the towel in a bid to better ourselves. The feeling of fatigue should be a sign of satisfaction that you’ve done your job for the day, given it your all, and the fact that you’re still alive means you’re still in the game! Believe in yourself, stay strong and see you on the other side….. Sufferfest-2014-Poster