Perceived Reality

No matter how much I try and focus on the road ahead my eyes can’t adjust to the light. Another long blink and it’s the same. Black. Not just your regular opposite of white […]

Tour of Sufferlandria – Doing it for the fans

Tick-tock-tick-tock. January 25th seemed like it would never arrive when you originally muttered to yourself in a darkened room, fan whirling head on in an attempt to catch every last drop of sweat before […]

Tour of Sufferlandria – Hard as Nails

I confess, for the most part, I’m into history like the hole in my head that is occupied by nothing more than thin air when really it should be filled with facts and fiction […]

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22,419 miles


386,172m / 43.64 x Mount Everest

Moving Time

1305 hours
Life’s as unpredictable as the weather, that’s why we should never be afraid to ride in the rain.
The important thing is to replicate the amount of time you will be spending in the saddle. If you plan to ride the Etape in six hours, get at least one six-hour ride in over the next couple of weekends.
From my experience, recovery doesn’t start the moment you step off the bike and head inside. It’s a continual process that should be taken into consideration throughout the day.
Mike Cotty, The Recovery Cycle