Welcome to The Col Collective Season Two

It gives me great pleasure to show you a few moments from Season Two of The Col Collective to hopefully whet your appetite. This year we’ve been fortunate to explore some incredible mountains both […]

How to Turn Your Passion into a Profession? My chat with Rich Roll – #RRP 127

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to sit down and chat life, bikes and how my passion for cycling ultimately led to it being my profession with the hugely inspirational and highly regarded […]

15 Minute Stretching Routine to Help You Stay Supple & Injury Free

For me stretching goes further than just focusing on the certain muscle groups around the body that I want to keep supple and ready for the next ride. It’s very much a calming routine […]

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22,419 miles


386,172m / 43.64 x Mount Everest

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1305 hours
Life’s as unpredictable as the weather, that’s why we should never be afraid to ride in the rain.
The important thing is to replicate the amount of time you will be spending in the saddle. If you plan to ride the Etape in six hours, get at least one six-hour ride in over the next couple of weekends.
From my experience, recovery doesn’t start the moment you step off the bike and head inside. It’s a continual process that should be taken into consideration throughout the day.
Mike Cotty, The Recovery Cycle