Ted King Cyclist

Cannondale pro Ted King racingOkay, so I admit, every once in a while I need to remind myself just how old I am. You may be forgiven thinking that this is simply because I could be the eternal child on two wheels (with the inert prospect of one day finally growing into my age) but that would be a little off of the mark.

So, I’ll let you into the slightly larger, high definition, picture. We’ve all been there, well, those born in the 70’s or earlier I’d guess. The earth has circumnavigated the sun at a seemingly metronomic pace once again, never skipping a heartbeat in the race against the hands of time. At this point in your life you’d have witnessed this pivotal moment thirty plus times, so the novelty may be wearing a little thin, and a slight relapse of the figures can be widely accepted. Barring the cake and candles, a birthday is that seldom day in the calendar that prompts you to dig amongst the cotton wool entwined grey matter and actually remember your real age. Thirty-who? Fortunately, things haven’t got so bad (yet) that I can’t remember my name. I seriously hope that’s a little way off!

One thing I am sure of, however, is that I Am Not Ted King. If I was then I’d no doubt be in the midst of the professional peloton ensconced tip to toe in Italian culture (or the delights of Liquigas-Cannondale’s blue, white and green team livery if you’d prefer) whilst Strava segmenting my way around the globe in a whirlwind of words and photos in a not too dissimilar fashion to a rather cool cat from New Hampshire that goes by the name of… er, Edward Carrington King. And, for those short on time, that’s Ted King to you and I!

Enough of this banter. We continue…

  1. You can ride with anyone from past or present, who would it be?

    “My brother, Robbie. He introduced me to cycling and was an inspiration for years for me when I first entered the sport. If we get one ride together per year that’s a good year.”
  2. What was your first race and where did you finish?

    “Tour de Brentwood – hometown race about 8 miles for elementary school kids. I don’t remember where I finished, but my best friend beat me and I have a vivid memory of another good friend finishing by plowing straight into some shrubbery lining the road.”
  3. Which race do you/did you always dream of winning?

    “I’d like to take US national championships. The podium was cool, but top step would be cooler.”
  4. What is the morale boosting item you hope to find in your mussette?

    “Waffles. Belgian sugar waffles. We don’t mess around with that sort of delicious treat these days though, but I can always dream.”
  5. Everyone likes going downhill fast, what’s your favourite descent?

    “The sinuous, windy no-name roads my Euro-hometown of Lucca are awesome. They’re about as wide as a car-plus-one-bicycle. Yeah, hair raising.”
  6. You hit shuffle on your I-Pod, what’s the track you hope comes up top of the list?

    “I-Pod? What’s an I-Pod? Sleigh Bells have been playing a lot lately on my iPod. As a complete dork, I’m also rocking out to a lot of Stuff You Should Know Podcast, which is a great way to burn through a half hour and edumicate yourself.”
  7. What is your favourite après race beverage?

    “One that I want or one that I’m allowed to have? A nice Tremens Delirium quenches my thirst. Otherwise Sprite is delightfully refreshing.”
  8. If you weren’t a bike rider, what would you be?

    “I was an econ major in college. If I’d followed that track I reckon I’d be somewhere on Wall Street right now.”
  9. What’s your favourite new bike product?

    “All sponsorship aside, the Cannondale SuperSix EVO is just a phenomenal bike.”
  10. Do you have a golden moment when riding/racing that you look back on with a smile?

    “2003 collegiate national championships. This just happened to be the first collegiate race in which I’d compete against my brother. After a series of attacks, counterattacks, and one dude breaking his chain late in the race, my brother and I were left alone sprinting for the podium. He pumped me in the sprint, but it was definitely a special moment.”
  11. And the worst moment?

    “I’m an optimist Mike. I don’t dwell on that crap.”
  12. Where is your favourite place to ride?

    “This answer seems to fluctuate depending on where I am. I’m fairly spoiled and get to ride some pretty amazing places all throughout the year. Right now, the Green Mountains of Vermont. That’s where I picked up the sport of cycling in college and it’s just so pure and untainted. Plus Vermont is frigging awesome.”
  13. What or who is your biggest inspiration in life?

    “This is a two’fer: God and self-integrity.”
  14. If you could only use one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

    “Outstanding (and humble).”
  15. If you could have one super power what would it be?

    “Teleportation. Airports are a drain.”

Well, as you can see from that little ensemble there really is only one Ted King worth keeping tabs on and you can do just that at Ted’s brilliant website or by flying in the wings of the infamous tweety bird that is @iamtedking.

Right, now I need to get me some of that top notch clobber. Not in fear of one day forgetting my name, nope, that’s inevitable… just because it’s cool.

Cheers Ted! See you around my friend. Oh, and in case anyone forgot…

Photo used above by Brian Hodes/Cannondale from the 2013 Tour of California.