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How to Turn Your Passion into a Profession? My chat with Rich Roll – #RRP 127

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to sit down and chat life, bikes and how my passion for cycling ultimately led to it being my profession with the hugely inspirational and highly regarded plantpowered nutrition advocate and ultra-athlete Rich Roll. It was during a visit to L.A. seeking winter sun and new roads to explore amidst the beautiful […]
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15 Minute Stretching Routine to Help You Stay Supple & Injury Free

For me stretching goes further than just focusing on the certain muscle groups around the body that I want to keep supple and ready for the next ride. It’s very much a calming routine that also allows my mind to gently relax and unwind from the day, so it’s for this reason I normally stretch in the evenings which […]
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L’Etape du Tour 2014 Recon

As I clamber aboard an impossibly early flight, settle into my seat and buckle up in preparation for departure a feeling of uncertainty flows from the tips of my toes, surging through my body all the way up to the top of my head. It’s not that I’m a nervous flyer, with the amount of air miles I’ve involuntarily […]
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Perceived Reality

No matter how much I try and focus on the road ahead my eyes can’t adjust to the light. Another long blink and it’s the same. Black. Not just your regular opposite of white with a sprinkle of light pollution either to soften its edge. The world feels heavy on my limbs, like the higher I climb the stronger […]
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Tour of Sufferlandria – Doing it for the fans

Tick-tock-tick-tock. January 25th seemed like it would never arrive when you originally muttered to yourself in a darkened room, fan whirling head on in an attempt to catch every last drop of sweat before it hits the ground, “The Tour of Sufferlandria, phhh…..I’ll eat that for breakfast and some. “The Tour of Sufferlandria, phhh…..I’ll eat that for breakfast and some. […]
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Tour of Sufferlandria – Hard as Nails

I confess, for the most part, I’m into history like the hole in my head that is occupied by nothing more than thin air when really it should be filled with facts and fiction from yesteryear and beyond. However, on occasion something does stick in my head that just won’t shake. For example, why I retain useless information such […]
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Tour of Sufferlandria – Welcome to the Dance

You know it’s right about now that I start to get that feeling The one that lurks in the pit of your stomach like a virus and rears its ugly head once a year. Like the clock is ticking and you’re heading hook, line and sinker back to work after a holiday……only worse. Worse because there’s just no escaping. Escaping!? […]
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A Season of Celebration

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the invitation. A day to celebrate the season’s success of ten of Mavic’s athletes at the company headquarters in Annecy. At first I thought “hey cool, I wonder who will be there? I’d love to see that” before I realised my name was on the list, nestled somewhere between Frederik […]
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L’Etape du Tour 2014 Reconnaissance

There’s nothing like a mere three hours sleep followed by a 6.30am flight (to a location you’re not quite sure if it’s where you’re supposed to be going) to kick the day off in the right, or is that wrong, way? October 23rd and despite hearing rumours that the 2014 L’Etape du Tour would start in Pau the sensible […]
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Giro d’Ireland – Exploring the Emerald Isle

Will Ireland’s rugged landscape and unique charm be able to live up to the Giro d’Italia’s bold claim of being the most beautiful stage race in the world? There was only one way to find out. Now I’m going to throw it out there right from the start, and bet a handsome amount of gold coins in the process, that […]
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