How to create your dream job and lifestyle? - Podcast with The Build Cycle

Last month I had the chance to hook up with Tyler Benedict, founder of the world’s most popular cycling tech blog BikeRumor and host of The Build Cycle podcast for entrepreneurs, business owners and those that want to truly lead their own career path. I first met Tyler at a European Mavic launch a couple of years back and I seem to remember at the time (no doubt while chatting over dinner) that there was more to Tyler than being the head-honcho behind the highly successful BikeRumor. Roll forward to the present and I was right! I’m quietly fascinated by people’s stories, how they came to do what they do, what decisions they had to make and obstacles to overcome to get where they are. It’s clear that as a business owner and entrepreneur Tyler has a lot going on so it was a real honour to take five and chat life, business and my journey so far with him. In this first part we go deep into the early years of my career, how I first got into the bike industry and how it was possible to use all the experience and opportunities I’d gained over the years to slowly create my own business. Here’s what we dive into:


01:45 – The slow road started with a dream job at Cannondale Bicycles
07:40 – How tough times forced me to learn new skills
13:20 – When your back’s against a wall is when you really have to perform
18:10 – The layers keep stacking to create opportunity
25:40 – What made me want to jump ship and launch my own thing?
32:00 – The freedom of flexibility
34:30 – Launching your own company on someone else’s dime
38:15 – Putting it all together to create your own company

And if you enjoyed that, in part two we go deeper into The Col Collective, from planning shoots to actually producing the videos, equipment, marketing, financing and what’s happening in the future? Stay tuned Part 2 is coming soon!

Thanks for listening.