The Road to Mont Blanc - 21 Mountains & 1000km Non Stop

The high mountains are a mysterious and unpredictable place offering a moment of escapism to experience life amidst a journey of new and unknown limits. Somehow, after riding non stop across the Pyrenees in 2011 and the French Alps in 2013, I now found myself facing the daunting prospect of undertaking my toughest challenge yet – a 1,000 kilometre, 21 climb monster with over 23,000 metres of elevation across the Dolomites, Eastern Alps and Swiss Alps that’s affectionately known to those in the inner circle as “The Road to Mont Blanc”…..and if you’re reading this then you are firmly part of the inner circle. Welcome.

Quite how I’ve actually made it to this point sometimes eludes me. In some respect I guess it’s all part of the evolution of growing old, the years roll by and it’s only when you take a second to breathe that you can retrace the road at which you’ve travelled along with your own reflection that makes you realise just how much of your soul belongs in the heart of what you truly believe in.

Exploration opens up a whole new world beyond physical and mental expectations of one’s self. Despite years of training, sacrifice and preparation there really is no certainty as to where or when the limit will occur. For me, that is the essence of exploration. It’s a beautiful metaphor for life. I mean, if you don’t try how will you ever know?

Here Goes Nothing

Distance: 1,012 kilometres

Elevation: 23,039 metres

Mountains: 21

Start Time: 1pm (CET) August 4th

Finish Time: ??? Answers on a postcard

Watch the journey here…