Pros Climb - Rocacorba with David Millar

Rocacorba, unlike so many climbs gained notoriety not for its views, or raw numbers. Neither has it featured in any Grand Tours, so what’s the attraction? It happens to be perfectly located within easy reach of a very hot-spot for pro cycling. Girona Old Town and its surroundings have been a target for amateurs and pros since Armstrong and the Postal boys decided to call this little town home. Its year round warm temperature, welcoming Catalan residents and top notch gastronomy made for an idyllic place to call home. Perhaps, little did they know at the time, the rush that would ensue, with Girona now being THE place to go for the two wheeled coffee loving cool kids. One of the early adopters was David Millar, who needed a proving ground to test his form. At 30 minutes (if you’re absolutely flying) step forward Rocacorba and the rest as they say is history. Well, kind of history, except David took it a bit further. Living within eye shot of the famous radio masts he set-up an exclusive club who gather annually for a ‘cava and jamon’ summit celebration all in the name of fun. VCRC or Velo Club Rocacorba is an eclectic mix of talented artists and professionals from a variety of circles and corners of the globe. They all however share one passion - cycling. Ever the opportunist, a chance meeting with David on an Easyjet flight led to the conversation of “hey let’s make a video” and what better climb that the one in his very own back yard. Little did we know the surprise we had in store, David had arranged an out of season VCRC gatehering and let’s just say those boys know how to party! I would like to extend a very special thanks to David and the VCRC for such a warm welcome.

Watch the video - Rocacorba and my interview with David - The Next Chpt.r