There’s nothing like a mere three hours sleep followed by a 6.30am flight (to a location you’re not quite sure if it’s where you’re supposed to be going) to kick the day off in the right, or is that wrong, way?

October 23rd and despite hearing rumours that the 2014 L’Etape du Tour would start in Pau the sensible approach would’ve been to wait for the official announcement later that day before heading out to France. But, I hear you say, where’s the fun in that? Exactly.

Over the past seven years “fast and furious” has turned into a mantra between myself and Cyclefilm. Hit the ground running, no rehearsals or retakes. It’s a one shot job from the moment we land to the second we say it’s a wrap.

The next 24 hours were somewhat of a blur. All in a day’s work. Hopefully these photos help paint the picture…