Le Great Escape - In Search of Life Beyond Life

​Let me take you on a ride, with harmony beyond the sky. To climb away from every fear, until the road ahead is clear. And all that’s left is inner peace, a feeling that will never cease. Now let me take you on a ride, this one I hope will free your mind.

I stand looking out at the Atlantic. The water is calm but it’s been a rough couple of years. I lost my younger brother and was struggling to find any meaning to my thoughts and existence. I needed to get away, to a place far from reality, to collect my thoughts in an attempt to find myself once more. From coast to coast across the French Pyrénées non-stop through the night. A time to breathe, alone.

31 hours later as the Mediterranean came into view I knew that life would never be the same. This ride was the catalyst to everything that came after. September 9th 2011, it would’ve been my brother’s 29th birthday and although not there in person I could feel his spirit, a presence that remains to this very day.

Le Great Escape. My story, as published in Peloton magazine.