Pros Ride - Girona Classic with Dan Craven

  • 10 April 2017
  • Photographer: Deborah Malin
  • Location: Girona, Spain
  • Category: Photos / Inspiration

Since Girona and its surrounds are the destination of choice for over 200 pro cyclists then I thought it wise to seek out the knowledge of a local pro to show us around. Step forward Dan Craven (AKA Dan from Nam) who was kind enough to do just that. As a resident, Dan knows all the secrets there is in the area, but there’s no getting away from the classics too! Els Angels, the infamous town of Madremanya and Hincapie Hill (real name Santa Pellaia) all flow to form a perfect Girona ride. Dan has a unique charisma and pure passion for his local roads and it was an absolute joy to to spend the day riding with him.

​Watch the video - Pros Ride with Dan Craven