Pros Ride - Boulder with Timmy Duggan and Craig Lewis

​After filming as many climbs in Europe as my legs would take, it was time to make a trip across the pond to check out some of America’s finest. I was definitely keen to tackle the highest paved road in the north of the country, Mount Evans, a ride that definitely didn’t disappoint - even if my legs and lungs we’re screaming hitting it hard straight after landing from a long haul flight and coming from sea level. Not the best prep I have to say. It was then onto Pikes Peak, where I’d seen Guy Martin on the telly thrash his moto up there in the annual hill climb, that was inspiration enough to want to ride it.

Shifting gears, I definitely wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to join former US National Champion Timmy Duggan and Craig Lewis on one of their favourite rides around Boulder. From Super Flagstaff Road to some of the most fun gravel I’ve ridden, accompanied by two true gents who were happy to show this sea leveller around their neck of the wood.

Special thanks to Timmy and Craig for their time. It was an absolute blast!

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