What’s to stop you achieving your dreams? Podcast with Cyklemagasinet

​Racing for three weeks over the biggest mountains in Europe is a tall order, from the Pyrénées to the Alps and then on to the Swiss Alps and Dolomites. I had this opportunity in 2016 when I undertook the Haute Route Triple Crown. Now that in itself would’ve been a serious undertaking, but I often find myself feeling like I’ve bitten off a touch more than I can chew and I actually spent the entire three weeks on stage every night giving daily briefings to the 500 strong field at each event to help them through each stage. Needless to say the extra time on my feet wasn’t what the doctor ordered. During the event I got to know Morten Pagh from Cykelmagasinet in Denmark. I actually knew the editor of the magazine for quite some time as I’d done a bunch or writing for them over the years so it was good to renew my relationship once more. Morten is a cool guy and I really enjoyed his company, we were both doing the Triple Crown and when you spend that long (suffering) with someone your friendship gets pretty close. In the final week we sat down (I couldn’t stand any more) for a good chat about where it all began, my time at Cannondale, what inspired The Road to Mont Blanc and how The Col Collective was born. Completing the Triple Crown and getting to know Morten was one of the best three weeks of my life. I hope yo enjoy our conversation.